Here we protect the floors and the furniture
Protecting furniture (click to enlarge)


At Vancouver Ceiling Repair we ensure we take the best care of not only your ceiling,  but your home and furniture. We cover hardwood floors with construction paper and drop cloths and often we contain the areas with plastic to keep the dust to a minimum.

We also recommend to shut off the furnace when we work as it will keep the dust from circulating to other areas of the house and leave the contained areas. Please see the pictures below to get an idea of how we prepare the area and keep things as clean as we can. Our goal is make this a positive experience for you. See the pictures below.


We also do a basic clean-up and vacuum the areas to keep things reasonably neat and tidy. Call me today to discuss any additional concerns and procedures on how we can help you to repair your ceiling today! CALL Kevin at 778-908-0070 or email me at  




  1. Marty says:

    Hi Kevin, Just wanted to say your website looks great. Hope to meet with you and do business soon.


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